Discover The Maridon Museum in Butler, PA

Nestled in Butler, Pennsylvania, The Maridon Museum is a unique cultural gem dedicated to Asian art and artifacts. Mary Hulton Phillips founded the museum in 2004 and has since become a significant regional cultural and educational institution. Learn information about Butler, PA.


The Maridon Museum boasts an impressive collection of Asian art, mainly focusing on Chinese and Japanese works. Its exhibits include various jade and ivory sculptures, tapestries, ceramics, and intricate wood and lacquer pieces. The museum also houses a notable collection of Meissen porcelain, highlighting its diverse artifacts. Discover facts about Family Bowlaway Fun Center: A Hub of Entertainment in Butler, PA.

Permanent Exhibits

Among the permanent exhibits, visitors can explore exquisite jade carvings, which are the cornerstone of the museum’s collection. These artifacts, ranging from jewelry to giant statues, showcase the craftsmanship and artistry of Chinese culture. The museum also features rotating exhibits, ensuring each visit offers something new and intriguing.

Educational Programs

The Maridon Museum is committed to educational outreach and offers various programs for all age groups. These include guided tours, workshops, lectures, and interactive sessions to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of Asian art and culture. School groups, in particular, benefit from tailored educational experiences that align with curriculum standards.