Introduction to Pullman Park

Pullman Park, located in Butler, Pennsylvania, is a historic baseball stadium renowned for its rich heritage and ongoing contributions to local sports. Established in 1934, the park has been a cornerstone of the community, hosting countless baseball games and events. Learn more here.

History and Legacy

The park was initially constructed as a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project during the Great Depression. It was named after the Pullman-Standard Company, which was a significant employer in Butler at the time. Over the years, Pullman Park has seen numerous renovations to maintain its status as a premier sporting venue. In 2008, a major renovation project was undertaken to modernize the facility, ensuring it could continue to serve the community for generations to come. Learn more about All About  General Butler Vagabonds.

Features and Facilities

Pullman Park boasts a seating capacity of approximately 1,400, offering spectators an intimate yet vibrant atmosphere. The stadium includes modern amenities such as updated locker rooms, concession stands, and a press box, enhancing the experience for players and fans alike. The field itself is well-maintained, providing an excellent playing surface for baseball and other events.

Community Impact

Beyond baseball, Pullman Park serves as a multifunctional venue for community events, high school games, and collegiate summer leagues. It has been home to teams like the Butler BlueSox, a member of the Prospect League, which draws crowds from across the region, fostering community spirit and local pride.


Pullman Park remains a beloved landmark in Butler, Pennsylvania, symbolizing the area’s commitment to preserving its historical roots while embracing modern developments. Its ongoing use and upkeep ensure it remains a vital part of the community’s cultural and sporting life.